Paul Mills: digital creative consultant. I imagine, create and refine experiences that bring brands, people and products to life online.

Digital experiences.
What does that actually mean?

Simple, really. Anything you might experience through your phone, tablet or computer. So that’s websites, apps, emails, animation, digital brands, infographics, social media collateral… whatever your project demands.

  • Striking design Creativity that stands the test of time

    What connects: Dieter Rams; The GPO; Saul Bass; Chamberlin, Powell and Bon; and the guys who worked on Tron?

    I do.

    Joking aside, they’re my influences and antecedents. The greats I come back to time and again for inspiration. Why? Because real creativity is of its time and timeless. Bold, brave creatives who define their eras, yet still feel relevant today. And that’s what great design feels like for me.

  • See: Neil Davidge
  • Boutique build High-end front end for demanding designs

    I began to build because I couldn’t find a front-end dev who delivered with precision, agility and creativity. Today, my work is often inspired by pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, blurring the lines between design and development to deliver truly unique digital experiences. And I work with select partners to bring their design vision to life, too.

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  • Infographics and animation Making the complex clear and compelling

    1000 words or a 60 second video? A complex spreadsheet of data or eureka-moment visual representation of what all those vital statistics actually mean? Life is short and design is powerful – when you want to communicate a complex message quickly, infographics and animation are the answer. And you’ll get an SEO boost and all the likes while you’re at it…

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Collaboration and contacts

Need a ‘whole agency’ solution? Not a problem. Over the years, I’ve built a network of trusted partners in strategy, marketing and UX, creative, copy and content, and back-end build, so please contact me to discuss your requirements. You’ll get the best of the South West, for far less than you might imagine.

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Grid is god? Not always. Sometimes you’ve got to bend the rules to bring a brand’s personality to life.

Wheathill homepage

Wheathill is a boutique entertainment agency that punches well above its weight. And it needed a website that does the same. The challenge? Encourage site visitors to explore the broader Wheathill offering – ‘music and more’ – instead of shortcutting straight to the act they’d planned to book. Wheathill’s exciting range of acts is rich, exciting and inspiring, so browsing’s a joy…

Then there’s the branding. When your client base spans event planners, high net worth individuals, premium motor brands and museums, it’s a challenge to appeal to all. However, this timeless retro brand and bold colour palette is catching eyes and securing bookings across the board.

Wheathill artist page
Wheathill showreel page

Another element of the brief lay in creating a digital identity and experience that belies the size of the team it represents – and unifying imagery, video and sound provided in a diverse range of styles.

My involvement

  • Creative direction
  • Design
  • HTML front end
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Neil Davidge.
The man behind Massive Attack’s distinctive production – and even if you’re not a fan of the Bristol sound, you’ll know his work…

Back in 2008, I was invited to work with Neil to create a portfolio site that showcased the producer’s original scores alongside his trip-hop heritage. The objective? Catching the eyes of Hollywood producers, and getting him out of the pigeon hole of ‘just’ Massive Attack.

Neil Davidge film page

It’s certainly worked. Since site launch, projects have included themes and scores for top-ranking TV shows including Britannia and Hard Sun and soundtracks for films from Citizen Koch to Clash Of The Titans. There’s also been advertising for clients from Adidas to Jaguar, collaborations with the likes of Snoop Dogg, and soundtracks for games including Halo. And I hear there’s a wealth of exciting stuff to come.

From brand refinement to storyboarding and animation, through web design, build and updates, Neil and I have worked closely together for years. It’s a collaboration that’s created something unique: a clean, timeless portfolio site that continues to evolve with Neil’s career.

Neil Davidge television page

My involvement

  • Concept
  • Design
  • HTML front end
  • Opening movie
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Never work with children or animals? This brand, design and build project proves quite the contrary.

TooManyTigers homepage

A creative consultant since 2010, Ray of TooManyTigers focuses on quality brands and agencies. Unlike many freelance creatives, she actively avoids smaller SMEs, and wanted a site designed to appeal only to her target market.

Her USP, a more design-centric approach, also needed to be brought to the fore. A challenging, interesting project – gauntlet thrown down with the line: “design-blog beautiful to cash the cheque”.

Details from TooManyTigers carousel

My involvement

  • Creative Direction
  • Brand
  • Design
  • HTML front end
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The Practice.
Scared of the dentist? Don’t be. By balancing approachability and aspiration, The Practice stands out for all the right reasons…

The Practice logo colourways

There’s much more than friendly family dentistry on offer at The Practice. They also provide award-winning aesthetic treatments, and it was my job to create a brand and website to communicate this. The challenge lay in making the brand exciting and aspirational to attract aesthetics clients – but soft and welcoming enough to work for families and nervous patients.

Working with a copywriter to develop tone of voice, we created a warm yet premium brand with endless flexibility. Playful design, a soft palette and retro feel, tongue-in-cheek headlines and caring, human copy combine to stand out in a marketplace that’s crowded with cold ‘professional’ brands that don’t connect at an emotional level.

The Practice leafletsThe Practice leaflets

Contrasting fonts stop things getting too childlike, while use of shape and texture allow lots of striking, graphic flexibility – and stretches a tight imagery budget! I have also helped establish the business with a Google page, and created printed assets including leaflets, business cards and stationery. From a launch in 2018, they’re doing well, and have taken on four new members of staff to manage client demand.

The Practice homepage

My involvement

  • Creative Direction
  • Brand
  • Design
  • HTML front end
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Infographics and animation. Making the complex clear and compelling.

Who I work with

I work directly with brands, with trusted collaborators, and in connection with a network of premium agencies. Which over a 20-year career has added up to a client list as diverse as my skillset.

Clients & projects, past & present

All Saints Andrews Balfour Beatty Bank of England BMInc Bright Butler Neil Davidge Descartes Divine Ceremony DNA Dyson Go Courses Halfords Health & Her Heather Hoyle Hello Hilton Instant JD Ross Joules Konica Minolta MAN Medvivo Met Office MML Capital Ntrinsic Opus Panasonic Pets at Home The Practice Proctor & Stevenson Robson Dowry Sema4 Sim7 Six Superdry TooManyTigers UnitedHealthCare Global UWE Wheathill Wide Blue Yonder Williams Lea Tag Zurich

It’s easy to build an impressive set of names to drop – but it’s not so easy to build successful relationships that continue year after year. And in my career so far, I’m most proud of the smaller brands and businesses I’ve supported and nurtured over the years (in some cases decades). Start-ups who’ve become success stories, friends who’ve become family, and evolving stories still to tell.

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